Two-piston dispenser

The twin piston dispenser is nothing more than a development version of the single piston dispenser that has proven itself over the years. This device was developed as a result of the increasing demand for dispensers with higher capacity, while retaining all the other parameters of the single piston dispenser. The simultaneous dosing of densities and liquid products with solids can be carried out in almost any packaging the customer has. All this is possible thanks to a wide range of dosing valves (fixed and movable), which are sure to satisfy even the most demanding expectations. It is also possible to coordinate the dispenser with another machine, resulting in a fully automated production line. All this, of course, in acid-resistant design using certified polymers. The top quality of the product guarantees reliable and satisfying operation of the device for years, which we can assure you of with full responsibility. . There is also the possibility of making a dispenser adapted to cleaning with CIP technology.