Piston dispensers cooperating with mixers

Piston feeders in co-operation with MP-500 or MP-1000 mixers give the best results in industrial packaging of liquid and semi-liquid foodstuffs (soups, stews, cured meats, baked beans, etc.). Efficient dispensers fed from high-capacity tanks significantly save time for production line staff, eliminating the need for frequent refilling of the product in a small tank. It is also possible to equip such a unit with an automatically controlled product pump, continuously refilling the MP series mixer. The construction of both the dispenser and the mixer is designed for precise volumetric dosing of liquid or semi-liquid products containing pieces of solids, while maintaining hygienic standards, hence the use of top-quality polymers and acid-resistant steel and the possibility of making the dispenser suitable for washing in CIP technology, which is a guarantee of maintaining hygienic standards.