Many years of experience, perfectionism and determination have resulted in the acquisition of a patent for the Carousel Volumetric Dispenser and the method of dispensing products, as well as for the Herring Rollmops Coiler. The company is constantly working on new solutions to automate the production process. It sets itself further ambitious goals and strives to achieve them.

A device for closing jars with lids fixed by rotary motion

Packaging feeder

Mass batching device especially for jams

Device for streaming vacuum in closed jars

Unit packet feeder

Cucumber slicer

Rinsing device for metallurgically clean jars

Potato flake coiler around the batch and how to make them

Mass batching device especially for jams

Liquid thickened glue transfer device

Device for dosing liquid SO2

Device for labelling, especially of bottles suspended to the conveyor belt

Device for rinsing metallurgically clean jars

Device for dosing liquids to unit packs

Batching head for liquids to bottles

Carousel volumetric batcher and product batching method