Plate conveyors

Plate conveyors are the most popular devices for horizontal transport of packages. They perform perfectly well as connectors for individual machines, which together form a technological line. Our many years of experience in design allow us to create a conveyor or sequence of conveyors tailored to the customer’s packaging and product. We offer conveyors with various plate chain widths (from the standard 82.5mm to conveyor solutions with a width of over 200mm). We ensure that the materials of our conveyors are tailored to the customer’s needs. In our offer you will find conveyors with straight and curved plate chain, polymer and metal, in any configuration of the above features. We also have conveyors dedicated to work with a metal detector. In addition to the highest quality of manufacture, our products are characterised by the use of construction materials dedicated to work in the environment of the food and pharmaceutical industries and a well-thought-out design, so that the devices are trivial to clean and use.