Single piston infeeders

The single piston dispenser is an ideal device for dispensing all kinds of liquid products and concentrates (such as jams, soups with pieces of meat or vegetables). The unquestionable advantage of volumetric dosing is the even dosing of the product, characterised by repeatability, which is of particular significance for maintaining the aesthetic appearance of the product in a transparent container (such as a jar or bottle). What is particularly important is that the dispensers have a significant dosage adjustment, which allows the amount of product to be optimised for the packaging. Pneumatically controlled, it has an automatic or semi-automatic operation mode (pedal-controlled), which offers the possibility of greater control over the packaging process. The dispenser is equipped with a tank (if necessary also with a tank for mixing and/or heating the product), but it is also compatible with any mixer that is on offer. On request, it is also possible to produce an external product tank of considerable capacity, which will also work perfectly with the single piston dispenser. All the above-mentioned elements are manufactured from top-quality acid-resistant steel, while seals and other polymer components are certified for use in the food industry. There is also the possibility of making a dispenser adapted to washing with the use of CIP technology.