Initial brine dispenser

The initial brine dispenser is a device fitted primarily to the conveyor. It consists of a pneumatic-mechanical system that positions the jars under the product outlet from the valve, the product feed installation, a small tank (we can make a larger one on request), dosing valves and control. The main purpose of the machine is to dose a small amount of lagoon into packages with product whose structure makes gravity pouring (even vacuum-assisted) difficult, while maintaining a small (or no) dilatation gap. The dispenser is an extremely precise machine thanks to the use of diaphragm valves and precise electronic control of the dosage size. The products for which this type of dispenser is recommended are salads of all kinds. All components of the machine are made of acid-resistant materials and certified polymers, which allows the use of cleaning agents guaranteeing the highest hygienic standards in the process line.