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Modular, belt i chain conveyors. Gears and machines for poultry industry, tables, platforms, passages, baskets, trolleys, steel constructions, floor drains, throng feeders, liquid feeders: friables and dusties. We offers also packaging machines!

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We are proposing welding in argon cover, repairing of acidproof constructions and containers, turns, mill, acidproof banisters. We are building ana installing full process lines.

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Way of Activity

Design and construction machines and gears for food and chemical industry

  • Machines and gears for dairies
  • Machines and gears for poultry slaughterhouses
  • Machines and gears for fruit and vegetable industries
  • Machines and gears for fish industries

We are very knowledgeable about designing industral gears, like as:

  • Product transport lines: wet and dry
  • Feeders: wet and dry
  • All kinds of containers
  • Packaging machines
  • Equipments: tables, landings and platforms, passages, steel constructions, baskets and trolleys
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